#inTentBy day, I’m an Executive & Business coach and CEO of Acumentri Business Leadership.  I work with executives, business owners, and some very cool people who are challenging themselves to find their highest potential. The fundamental principles of high-performance (eg: mindset, practice, and discipline) improve quality of work, sport, and life.

I’m naturally driven by progress toward specific outcomes. The many years of experience I’ve collected as a business leader, entrepreneur, and professionally driven person allow me a very rewarding opportunity to work with others and help them grow toward their fullest potential.

To be truly effective helping anyone move toward mastery, I practice what I teach. My writing is usually inspired by some element of this practice in the context of sport. 

intent & wonder are the qualities that I use to approach my goals. I’ve learned the benefit of setting goals and over the years grown more confident owning them and working hard for them. And with the benefit of experience, I’ve learned that my intent sets my direction and guides me, but I never know what I’ll do, see, or learn along the way. Maintaining a state of wonder (or beginner’s mindset) has added more joy to my training and my work. It has also allowed me to reach higher levels of performance. (faster & funner) 

Lowell Mill City TriI love a challenge. For me, it’s all about achieving my best performance (given any external conditions or competition).
I get carried away. I sign up for things without knowing details. “It seemed like a good idea at the time” has been my only explanation for many, many things over the years. But I’m persistent, determined, and a little relentless – so lack of foresight rarely stops me. I like working hard for my goals and I crack myself up regularly in the process. I have so much to learn about triathlon and cycling and I’m certain this won’t ever change. I’m just happy keeping it real and pursuing crazy athletic endeavors with friends and Team Betty.

 Certified in Performance Dynamics

intent & wonder
Growing up, my dream was to be a writer. I imagined novels and epic works of fiction. It turns out my specialty is non-fiction vignettes. Just little moments of time that capture my attention and set my thoughts to wonder.
These are the awarenesses I have as a competitive, amateur / age-group athlete.  My view of the complexities of working toward bold goals, self- improvement, and balancing the minutia of life. I find strength and humor in every workout.

Other factoids about me:

  • I’m a tech / start-up zealot (read: Star Wars nerd)
  • I was the COO of Oco, a small, but feisty, SaaS Business Analytics Solutions provider outside of Boston. We were all about cloud analytics before it was sane to be so. We had a lot of fun, while working our butts off.
  • In the decade prior to acquisition by Deloitte, we grew talented teams of data and software technologists and helped our customers solve targeted operational issues in unreasonable time-frames.
  • My triathlon experience kicked off in earnest in 2012.  I competed sprints in the late 90’s, and then nothing for about a decade. I came back with my 1st Olympic distance n August 2012 – and then a Half Iron 7 weeks later.
  • I love training more than racing.
  • I’m fascinated by the way we respond to the challenges of physical and mental stress and aware of the dramatic impact it has on our success in any context.
  • I regard fitness (mental & physical) to be a powerful advantage in business.
  • I struggled with race anxiety for years – and stopped competing in anything for many years because of it. And I have just overcome it this year – by eating my own dog food. 🙂
  • My kids are very impressed with my Muppet knowledge