SHIFT Performance

“We can’t all be Olympic athletes, but if our brains are trained properly, we can do amazing things beyond what most people imagine.”
– Dr. Martin Paulus,  University of California,  San Diego Researcher

Performance Dynamics focuses on brain-training techniques that enable the rest of us to develop elite-level mental agility. Our philosophy and belief is that it’s the total athlete as a person that makes a peak performer – at any age.


SHIFT Performance helps amateur athletes achieve their highest performance levels through mental skills coaching. Inspired by her own pursuit for improvement in both physical and mental aspects of sport, Alex Carleton launched SHIFT Performance to serve all levels of competitive amateur athletes.
SHIFT Performance 
is a division of SHIFT Coaching & Consulting.


If you’re interested in working with SHIFT Performance, or learning more, please let us know and we’ll get in touch with you, asap.