Elka Strong, indeed!

When I think about the people in ‘my tribe’; those who inspire me; those who make a permanent impression on who I want to be as a person…

The Original Badass Betty

At 5:30 in the morning, small talk doesn’t flow easily. It can take a while to get to know your poolmates, one incoherent sentence at a time.

Celebrate every start line

I enjoy challenging myself and striving for my personal best. But there is no podium, no PR, no finish line that compares with the feeling of joyful pride that sometimes overcomes me as a parent.

My coach is this awesome!

I posted about starting with a new coach last week, or so. I wanted to clarify her awesomeness.  Not only is my coach, Kelsey, awesome – she is this awesome! → This is Kelsey. Overall female finisher for the 2013 Rev3 Olympic Distance Triathlon. She is amazing and I am completely honored that she’s coaching me this…

Up hill

I have one rule for running up hill. I never ask myself how I’m feeling when I am running up a hill.  My answer is never positive.  And worse – listening to my answer creates an opening for more negative thoughts and almost always spirals right down into ” I don’t think I can do…