On Goals & Owning Them (Patriot Half)

I’ve not been one to share my goals out loud. I’ve been known to not tell friends and family when I race. I’ve long held odd, superstitious thoughts about goals: …If I say them out loud, I might jinx myself.   …If I tell someone they might think they’re too big or too small.  …

Plunging into 2016

With new goals and schemes, we needed an appropriately epic kick-off for 2016…

Am I a Betty?

Just under a year ago I read an email welcoming me to Team Betty 2015. In a single moment I was excited and instantly terrified that I wasn’t be as badass as I hoped.

Patriot Half 2015 – Race Stories

Before a super long narrative, which includes deep reflection on everything from my sock choice to the Lorax, I’ll summarize… I am over-the-moon-happy with my finishing time! I never tallied the target times I had for each leg – but somewhere I settled on the idea that anything under 6 hours would be awesome and anything in the neighborhood…

Sneaking up on 70.3

In some weird way, I’m afraid of failing. And I don’t even know what ‘failing’ means to me. Being slow? Being last? DNFing? Getting lost on my way to the race? Looking foolish?
(I’ve done all of these things before and survived.)